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St. Paul Church History 1881-2006

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An account of the dedication in one of the Salem newspapers noted how pleased the Bishop was with the appearance of things in Salem and the future prospects of the parish. The evening after the dedication Bishop Gilmour conducted a special lecture in the town's Concert Hall to a large assembly, many of whom were not Catholics. His address was well received and was the means of dispelling much of the prejudice that prevailed against the Catholic Church at that time.

In the Spring of 1887 Father Treiber added an addition of 26 x 50 ft. to the church, almost as large as the original structure, in order to accommodate the increasing membership of the parish. The addition cost $1,000 and provided an enlarged sanctuary an two sacristies. The construction was still underway when Father Treiver was transferred to Crestline, Ohio, and succeeded by Father Finucan in July of 1887. However, the latter was obliged to resign in a short time because of ill health and seek a milder climate.

Father Senner was the newly appointed pastor in 1888 and served in that capacity till September 15, 1897, when he was transferred to Louisville, Ohio. Under his prudent and careful management the parish debt was paid off and the first rectory built adjoining the church at a cost of $1,200. The erection of a parish house caused some surprise and amazement in the community, since only one other church in town was able to provide a rectory for its pastor., Also, during Father Senners's pastorate the interior of the church was remodeled , the walls frescoed , and the floors covered with carpets and mats, At that time the parish numbered about one hundered families. Father Senner was succeeded by Fathers Schonemann, Conlon, Lentsch, Moran, Gerhardstein, Hanrahan, and Manning.

The first School was built in 1904, while Father Thomas F. Conlon was pastor, at a cost of $12,000. Three Sisters of the Humility of Mary served the parish, two as teachers, Sister Clementina Foley and Sister Teresa McCarthy and Sister DeChantal Lanigan, as housekeeper to the nuns.

Father Henry Gerhardstein succeeded Father Conlon in 1906 and remained as pastor till 1913. Father Thomas A. Hanrahan then took over the direction of the parish till 1918. During this time at Saint Paul Parish he assisted in the organization and building of the Salem City Hospital.

The Sisters' Convent was built in 1925 by Father Alfred J. Manning, who served as pastor from 1918 to 1928, when he was transferred to Alliance. Bishop Joseph Schrembs of Cleveland then appointed Father Maurice J. Casey pastor of Saint Paul Parish in July of 1928. Father Casey arrived to find a substantial building fund already on hand in anticipation of a new and larger church. Father Vincent Jones was appointed assistant to Father Casey on April 25, 1929. After months of careful study and thought, a decision was finally reached and ground broken for the new church in August of 1930.

Additional property had to be purchased. The rectory, once located where the convent now stands on State Street, was moved to a point south of the new church on Ohio Avenue, so that the church building might occupy a commanding position at the corner of State Street and Ohio Avenue. On the afternoon of October 5, 1930, Msgr. Clement Treiber laid the cornerstone for the new church. He was the parish's first pastor and he represented Bishop Schrembs at the ceremony.

It cost slightly more than $100,000 to build the church and bell tower. The total parish properties were valued at approximately $300,000 at that time.


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