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St. Paul Church History 1881-2006

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Also in line with the documents of Vatican II there was a growing emphasis on the role of the laity in the ministry of the church. At this time Father Pierce hired Donna Dermotta to coordinate the C.C.D. Program for the parish. Father William Kraynak began the R.C.I.A. program. Father Pierce retired from active ministry in 1984 and remained the Pastor Emeritus of Saint Paul Parish until his death in 2005.

In 1984 Father Joseph Malik was appointed as pastor by Bishop James W. Malone, the Bishop of Youngstown. Father Malik encouraged greater cooperation between the school and the parish C.C.D. Program. During the five years that he served as pastor, he increased the staff by hiring Eileen Novotny to coordinate the R.C.I.A.

In 1989 Father Gerald DeLucia was appointed as the 19th pastor of Saint Paul Parish. During the short time that he served as pastor he hired John Zamarelli to coordinate the music program for the parish. He also hired Aimee Raymond to serve as a pastoral minister working primarily with the bereaved. In 1990 Father Francis Hughes served as the interim pastor for one year. He had a wonderful ability in remembering people's names.

In 1991 Bishop James W. Malone appointed Fr. James A. Clarke as the next pastor of Saint Paul Parish. This was Fr. Clarke's first parish as a pastor. He came to the parish after working many years in the chancery for Bishop Malone. He increased and developed a very active parish staff. He hired Donna Lynn to do home visitation for the sick. He hired Rich Mattucci as the Director of Religious Education. He hired Sondra O'Donnell to be responsible part time for Youth Ministry. During his time as pastor, he air-conditioned the church and purchased a new organ. He re-painted the church. He worked closely with Parish Council to establish the parish Mission Statement. In 2000 he was appointed by Bishop Thomas Tobin as the new pastor of Saint Paul Parish in North Canton, Ohio.

Father Thomas C. Eisweirth served for fourteen years as the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish. Youngstown, Ohio and he also served as the Advisor to the Priests' Personnel Board for ten years. In 2000 Bishop Tobin appointed Father Eisweirth as the twenty-second pastor of Saint Paul Parish, Salem, Ohio. In 2003 the bishop appointed Father Thomas McCarthy as his Liaison to the Retired Clergy and the Advisor to the Priests' Personnel Board. At that time, Father McCarthy moved to Salem and he remains a significant part of the Saint Paul Community.


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